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Car Show Rules and Registration


Classic and Custom Car and Truck Show Classes

1. Pre-1964 Models

2. A-Body Stock

3. A-Body Modified

4. B-Body Stock

5. B-Body Modified

6. E-Body Stock

7. E-Body Modified

8. Stock Truck, SUV, Van, Jeep

9. Modified Truck, SUV, Van, Jeep

10. Modern 4-door

11. Modern 2-door

12. All other Mopar

*All judged entries must be Mopar-powered


100 Point Judging System

Trophies are awarded in all classes on Saturday.  Vehicles will be judged on quality and appearance-not rarity or concourse correctness.

We reserve the right to alter classes on the day of the show.  

Mid-Ohio Mopars Members cars will not be judged.


For more info or questions please contact Dave @ 330-464-6613

ALL TRAILERS and tow vehicles must be parked in the designated Trailer Lot after unloading, Show vehicles should then proceed to the Show field and to Car Show Registration(NOTE) To avoid the Saturday morning rush at Registration, you may want to register your vehicle on Friday.

Only one vehicle pass will be issued per space. Vehicle pass MUST be affixed permanently to the lower left corner of the vehicle’s windshield. The sticker cannot lie on the dash or be taped to the windshield. No vehicle sticker shall be reproduced in any manner. Registered exhibitors and holders of vehicle passes are responsible for their use and/or misuse regardless of circumstances.



Any vehicle found illegally parked may be towed at owner’s expense; no paging will be done. There will be NO parking in aisles. Repeated misuse of vehicle pass will result in loss of renewal rights.



Vendors will be charged for removal of excessive trash that is not properly bagged. Vendors agree to maintain space free of trash and keep it neat throughout the event. It is requested that all cardboard boxes be broken down and stacked.



Generators may be safely operated between 7 am and 10 pm. The use of generators at any other times is strictly forbidden. Generators causing excessive noise or fumes are strictly prohibited. Generators that vent exhaust fumes directly into adjoining vendor spaces are strictly prohibited. Generators should be vented above vehicles and crowd.



Radios, stereos, TVs, loudspeakers, etc. shall not be operated in such a manner as to disturb others. PETS Pets are strongly discouraged for health and safety reasons. If you cannot make other arrangements for boarding, your pet must be on a leash and policing/cleanup after the pet is required. Your pet must be under your control at all times, and you are fully responsible for it’s actions, Any offensive or unsafe actions by your pet may result in removal from Pentastar Promotions’ event.



Use of motorized carts, scooters, ATVs, mini-bikes, or any other form of personal transportation on grounds is prohibited by any one other than a licensed driver and limited to use by participants ONLY.  Operation of such vehicles by unlicensed drivers is prohibited.



NO food or beverage sales are allowed on track property



Security has the right to take custody of and detain individuals believed to have violated local laws. After reasonable investigation, such person may be turned over to local authorities and possible prosecution.



Night time storage of Midway/Swap Meet vendor items is the sole responsibility of the individual vendor. Please take all precautions to secure your items. Roving security will be on the premises. Individual vendor is solely responsible for the protection of the vendor’s own property and for the protection of vendor’s employees, agents and guests. Pentastar Promotions is not liable for any lost or stolen property or injury to person or property during this event. By attending and participating in this event, you are consenting to the terms of this disclaimer of liability and covenant that you will hold harmless all parties named in this paragraph in the event of any lost or stolen property or injury to body or property at or during the event.



Misuse of any show credentials may result in ejection from event.



Failure to comply with any of the above rules and regulations may result in loss of the option by Pentastar Promotions to renew a space rental for future events.


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