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Tile Tech 10.0 Shootout Rules


This class is run on a 10.00 index; all cars must run 10.00 or slower. No open bodied cars permitted. Races will be full 1/4 mile. HEADS UP .500 Pro tree.


Electronics - Delay boxes and Trans brakes allowed. No throttle stops, no down track stutter boxes.


Qualifying – All qualifying attempts should be 10.00 and slower. Any qualifying attempts under 10.00 will be put at the bottom of the qualifying ladder.


Tech Items – Driver and car must pass NHRA guidelines for the speed run. Cars, safety equipment, and driver’s credentials will be thoroughly inspected when submitting for technical inspection. Check your expiration dates and update if necessary before arriving to the track.


Ladder – Sportsman#1 qualifier will be the car closest to 10.00 without going under.

Burnout – May NOT go past the starting line and backup to stage.


Lane Choice - Better reaction time gets lane choice.


*CRt 10.0 Shootout is a Non-Points eligible Class


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