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CJR Performance 

HemiWeight Shootout


1/4th Mile Heads UP!!!

Tree – .400 Pro Tree

Body - Factory Gen 3 Hemi Powered Vehicles Only - (no hemis in Hondas)

Engine – Gen 3 Hemi Powered

Transmission – Any

Electronics – Electornics not allowed

Equipment – Car must retain factory type rear suspension -

Burnout – May go past the starting line.

Lane Choice –   

Tire – Max Tire Size is 315 Radial or 29.5x10.5 non"W"slick

Interior – Full interior required - Back Seat Delete is Acceptable - Aftermarket Front Seats Acceptable

Weights - 4000lbs for factory IHI blower or Nitrous Only

                 4200lbs for aftermarket supercharged entries

                 4300lbs for single turbocharged entries

                 4400lbs for twin turbocharged entries 

                +200 Lbs for Nitrous

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