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Hemi Super Stock Shootout Rules


We will not be allowing gen3 of digitally fuel injected cars into this class.


1. Class: Open to all vehicles originally intended for Hemi Super Stock competition. The following vehicles are ONLY eligible vehicles to compete:SS/A 1968 Dart and Barracuda SS/B 1963-65 Dodge and Plymouth B-Body 2-door; SS/C 1963-65 Dodge and Plymouth B-Body wagon SS/D 1967 Coronet and Belvedere 2-door SS/E 1966 Coronet and Belvedere 2-door 1970-71 Challenger and Barracuda SS/F 1966-67 Coronet and Belvedere wagon 1968-70 Coronet and Belvedere 2- door 1971 Charger and Satellite 2-doorClone cars acceptable. Any NHRA super stock legal hemi cars that fits in the year and body styles posted above. NO SINGLE carburetors cars allowed. Automatic and manual transmission cars will not compete in separate classes. All vehicles must dial at or below an established class index during eliminations


2. Ballast: Removable ballast limited to 100 pounds. Weight must be installed in acceptable weight box, installed in trunk and attached to the frame or cross member.


3: Body: a. Body: Alterations or customizing prohibited. Fiberglass or other lightweight body panels are allowed for front fenders and hood. No air dams or non-OEM spoilers allowed. b. Fender Splash Pans: Full inner panels are required, but may be trimmed for header clearance. c. Firewall: Firewall must be original and in stock location. d. Grille: Must be full production for make, model and year claimed. Covering in front or behind grille prohibited. Vehicle must retain stock appearing head lamps, tail lamps and turn signals. e. Hood/Scoop: Hood required in all classes. Hood may be modified to clear legal intake manifold. Scoop must be same as original equipment type for body style used. 1966 B-Body cars may run 1967 B-Body Hemi scoop, 68-70 B-Bodied cars may run Six Pack or Hemi scoop and 1970-71 Challengers may run T/A, Shaker scoop, and 68 Hemi Scoop. f. Interior: Full upholstered and carpeted interior must be retained. Upholstered aftermarket front bucket type seats permitted (two required). Rear seat may be removed when roll bar/cage is installed, but area must be upholstered of carpet leaving no bare panels. Full dashboard must remain with aftermarket gauges allowed. g. Windows: Windshield and windows must be of safety glass, Lexan, Plexiglas, or other shatter-proof material. Windows not required to be operative. h. Wheel Tubs: Wheel tubs of any size are allowed if legal wheels and tires are positioned in stock location relative to exterior body lines.


4. Brakes: Brakes required on all four wheels. Aftermarket units allowed. Line-locks permitted.


5. Chassis: Stock chassis is required. Sub frames may be joined. Rear frame may be moved in or reconstructed for rear tire and wheel tub clearance. Roll cage required in all vehicles. Vehicles running 9.99 e.t. or quicker must have current SFI chassis certification sticker.


6. Drivetrain: a. Automatic Transmission: Any model transmission with torque converter allowed. Any shifter allowed. Transmission brake allowed. b. Manual Transmission: Aftermarket 4-speed transmission and manual shifter allowed. No “clutchless” or planetary Lenco-type transmission allowed. Clutch must be activated by normal foot motion without the aid of any electronic or pneumatic device. c. Rear End: Any rear end allowed, provided it was original equipment in an American production car. Aftermarket housings and axles, along with any gear ratio, are allowed. d. Driveshaft Loop: Required.


7. Electrical: • 2013 MCG POINtS RaCING MONSteR MOPaR RuLe bOOk Battery may be relocated. Electrically driven fans and water pumps permitted. Charging system not required.


8. Electronics: Limited electronics permitted. See “General Racing Rules”.


9. Engine: a. Block: Engine block restricted to Chrysler 426 cubic inch Hemi design, must be original assembly line block or aftermarket replacement block. Aluminum blocks allowed. Any displacement and internal modifications are allowed. b. Carburetion: Any two four-barrel carburetors accepted. Carburetors must outwardly appear stock with the exception of the deletion of the choke valve, choke shaft and linkage. c. Cylinder Heads: Aluminum aftermarket heads allowed, must retain original external overall appearance. Any internal modifications allowed. d. Intake Manifold: Any dual four-barrel intake manifold permitted provided it fits under stock style hood. e. Oiling System: Dry sump systems not allowed.


10. Fuel: Only gasoline fuel is permitted. Aftermarket fuel cells, electric fuel pumps and regulators allowed. No nitrous oxide.


11. Ignition: Any aftermarket ignition systems, wiring and electronic conversion kits are allowed. See “General Racing Rules” for electronics restrictions.


13. Steering: Stock steering required.


16. Suspension: Stock front suspension required. Front suspension limiters permitted. Sway bar optional. Solid bushings in rear suspension allowed. Leaf springs may be moved inboard for tire clearance. Ladder bars or four-link rear suspensions allowed. Wheelie bars required on all hemi cars 10.00 or faster.


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