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King of the Street Rules


• Open to Mopar powered door cars only

• 1/8 Mile, Heads Up, .400 Pro Tree, All Run Blind Draw, Clocks Off

• Rear Tires 29.5x10.5 non w or 315 radial (29.5″ tall tires allowed up to 10.5 for a      slick and 13.5 in a dot street tire 325/50/15 allowed)

• Over 4.900 BS N/A only -  Cars must weigh 3100# and run 29.5x10.5 or Drag              Radial

• Must retain stock fire wall and front frame rails in stock location, aftermarket bolt    on front suspension allowed

• Any rear suspension allowed

• Wheelie bars allowed

• Backhalf (aftermarket rear frame rails) allowed

• Stock appearing interior (stock style dash, can be fiberglass)

• Any Single power adder allowed (No Nitrous and Boost)                                             

• Billet Blocks or Heads Not Permitted


• Boosted big block 3350lbs

• Boosted small block 3100lbs

• Nitrous big block 2950lbs

• Nitrous small block 2700lbs

• N/A big block 2700lbs

• N/A small block 2300lbs

• Add 100lbs for any Hemi Headed Combo

• Add 50lbs for Methanol Fuel

• (Deduct 50lbs for Leaf Springs)

• (Deduct 100lbs for 440-1 Nitrous Combinations)

• (Deduct 100lbs for the following cylinder heads - B1-BS, Indy EZ, Indy SR, Bulldog,     Edelbrock, 440 Source, Mopar Performance [W7,8,9 Heads Excluded], Pro       Comp or Production Casting)

• (Deduct 100 lbs for Stock Factory Iron Block for Non Hemi Applications Only)


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